Challenge and Success


A global long term supplier to the cosmetic market suddenly and abruptly discontinued entire product ranges from their portfolio without warning and with immediate effect causing wide disruptions to their customer and their customer’s formulation, BotanicalsPlus was challenged to supply many customer the exact product that was discontinued from the competitor.   Many of the products were unique, custom made, and with nuanced specifications.



With the initial request from customers and some guidance on the needs, BotanicalsPlus prioritized and deployed our expertise to analyze and quantify the different materials, to expertly source the required raw materials and to quickly produce samples and pilot batches for the end customers to test in their formulations.   Our Product Development Team worked hand in hand with the customer to test, adjust, batch and ultimately deliver more than 24 separate products, extracts and compounds to more than 15 separate customers in a very short time period as to avoid supply disruptions to customers, Many of whom were relieved and ecstatic with the results and have repeatedly ordered the material.    Our fully equipped laboratories, technical expertise, and quick turnaround manufacturing worked in unison to successfully deliver against significant obstacles.