BotanicalsPlus is a premier supplier of Standard, Custom and Specialty Botanical Extracts, Active Ingredients and Complexes for the Personal Care and Cosmetics Industries.  Our modern strategically located laboratories and manufacturing facility in New Jersey can produce an extensive line of common extracts, exotic uncommon ingredients, and highly effective natural solutions for skin, hair, nail, and body care in a variety of medias, carriers, solvents, oils, and esters.


We are a customer-centric organization focused on delivering results and value every day and with every product and every transaction.    Along with fast, reliable service, we offer volume flexibility and packaging options, the best price value, along with the highest quality material available.


Our Mission is to fully integrate Nature’s Power and Man’s Wisdom™ to produce products which are useful in some way to society, a proven benefit to human beings and the environment we all share.  Our dedicated staff includes botanists, agronomists, pharmacists/chemists, micro-biologists, compounders, and analysts who are all driven to get the best of nature complexed with man’s knowledge and experience.


Our philosophy and passion drive our business and our activities. We offer no item taken unethically from the wild, we don’t offer any product that exploits nature or leaves the environment deficient. We source all of our products from proven sustainable sources and whenever possible, source only organically certified products.


Nature’s Power and Man’s WisdomTM


Harnessing nature’s power from root to bloom.TM

Our processing methods allow the active compounds and ingredients to remain in their most natural form while careful extraction of the aromatic fractions is completed.



Optimum Choice of Media

All of our extracts are produced on demand and are available in aqueous systems, or in glycerin, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, natural oil, and/or select esters.


Naturally Derived Active ingredients.

Carefully designed and validated efficacious ingredients intended to functionally work in end products.

Our Skills & Expertise

We have diverse knowledge and experience across multiple industries and fields of study, yet we are all united by our belief in living in harmony with nature and by sharing the bountiful benefits that we get from nature.  Every member of the team is trained and steeped in this philosophy and works towards providing the best ingredients possible.   Our experience includes food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic ingredient manufacturers and finished products, and herbal supplements and nutraceuticals.   We all complement each other and bring in the trends, know-how, and viability of products from one industry and field of study to the next. Just like plants from root to bloom, we believe that our team as a whole is better than our individual contributions.

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