A boutique brand with a small, yet loyal customer base and limited exposure was recently awarded a coveted premium spot as a showcase brand with a specialty national retailer focused solely on cosmetics and care products.  This opportunity to be in the national spotlight offered tremendous opportunity and equally tremendous challenges to the customer.   BotanicalsPlus was called upon to meet the needs of the launch (a 600% increase in that customer’s demand and to also help the customer realize solutions, efficiencies, and creativity to overcome scale up challenges in their Final Product.


BotanicalsPlus assisted the customer in prioritizing the production, sourcing of the many key ingredients and even saved time by creating unique pre-mixes of the active ingredients that allowed the final formulations to be produced in time.   The Product Development and Manufacturing Team added work shifts, staggered working hours and helped the customer in every way possible---down to scheduling the deliveries of the finished product.   The team far exceeded the customer’s expectations—not only in meeting the volume demand—but by making a success of the end customer----demonstrating the true partnership with the customer.   The customer was so appreciative that they sponsored field trips for BotanicalsPlus Staff to the retailer showrooms with a nod for each member to see the fruits of the partnership and to get their own finished products that contained their work.