Wide choice of pure, micro free extracts for every type of application



Choice of concentration, combination, media and/or composite complexes

Active Ingredients and Complexes

Proven validated Ingredients and Complexes created to boost and improve finished products.

Supply Challenge and Success

A global long term supplier to the cosmetic market suddenly and abruptly discontinued entire product ranges from their portfolio without warning and with immediate effect causing wide disruptions to their customer and their customer’s formulation, BotanicalsPlus was challenged to supply many customer the exact product that was discontinued from the competitor.   Many of the products were unique, custom made, and with nuanced specifications.

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Product Challenge and Success

A boutique brand with a small, yet loyal customer base and limited exposure was recently awarded a coveted premium spot as a showcase brand with a specialty national retailer focused solely on cosmetics and personal care products.  This opportunity to be in the national spotlight offered tremendous opportunity and equally tremendous challenges to the customer.   BotanicalsPlus was called upon to meet the needs of the launch (a 600% increase in that customer’s demand) and to also help the customer realize solutions, efficiencies, and creativity to overcome scale up challenges in their Finished Product.

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We are very fortunate to have the relationship we have with BotanicalsPlus, they are a dedicated and talented group of people said Adam Perle, President of Jeen International, we’ve had an exclusive and mutually beneficial relationship for almost 20 years----and with no exception---they always rise to the challenge.   I was very impressed by how quickly they rolled their sleeves and responded to our customer’s needs for a variety of products ranging from extractions to complicated ferments, purifications and distillates.  They made many of my customers true loyalists, and I am as thankful for their work as the customer.  Great Job.

- Adam Perle

Wow…wow….wow….  Dear BotanicalsPlus Team.   Thank you for jumping through hoops and making the impossible—become possible.   Wow----I can’t find the right words to convey my gratitude and appreciation, you guys took an order that was mistakenly deleted (not forwarded to you), and moved mountains to make my products ready for me to ship to my retailers in time for Mother’s Day.   I can’t believe how nice and accommodating the customer service and manufacturing supervisor were-----I was preparing myself for the worse news—when you guys jumped in, moved your schedule around and even volunteered to ship the material under quarantine for me while the micro results were being evaluated.   You saved the day---- you are now my one and only botanical supplier.  Thank you.  

- John, satisfied Customer from the UK

I love BotanicalsPlus.  I love that everything is convenient, pleasant and never complicated.   I love how quickly you make and ship my product.  I love the technical resources you provide.   I love that you always make me the priority.   Best supplier I have. 

- Suzanne E, satisfied customer.

Right selection of products.   Right level of support.   Right Lead Time.   Right Flexible Packaging.   Right Price.  Five Rights = Five stars all the way.  

- Derrick H, satisfied Customer

Dear Jennifer, thank you for making the BP -  Willow Bark and the TressaPlex into spectacular success for our joint customer.  They were approaching desperation and anxiety on maintaining their success products without a supplier until the BP Team really delivered.   I received a note today that the material is working out just nicely and that the 3rd and 4th order are already planned.    Thank you to everyone involved.   

- Albert Babik,  Jeen.

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